A closer look at a contaminated fuel pump




Contamination evidence in fuel pumps

If you’re replacing a Delphi Technologies fuel pump, like the example FG0817 in the video, you’ll notice the used parts are full of contamination. This dirt comes from the fuel tank, and a lot comes from the charcoal canister going into the fuel tank.

If you replace the pump without cleaning the tank first, it could cause issues for your customer down the road, or for you if you're a DIYer. Make sure you always clean your tank to ensure a long-lasting fuel pump. And if you need a little help, ask your distributor about the Delphi Technologies fuel tank cleaning kit, which has the supplies you need to do the job easily.

How to clean the tank

Here are our ten simple steps to help you clean the tank. Once you're done, make sure to refill the tank with fresh fuel. 


10 steps to clean the gas tank: drain fuel, clean rust and debris, remove pump, pour out remaining gas, clean tank interior with low-suds soap and water, swirl cleaning solution, drain tank, dry and wipe out


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* Need a little help? Try FC01, our Delphi Technologies fuel tank cleaning kit.

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