Spring cleaning your vehicle: Clean the fuel tank


Last week, we talked about the benefits of a clean EGR valve to the engine and the environment. This week, we take a look at how important a clean gas tank is for your fuel system and especially for the fuel pump delivering fuel to the engine. Here is the fourth and final spring cleaning tip that can help give your vehicle a fresh start by making sure the fuel from the tank to the engine is as clean as possible. 

Clean the fuel tank

Not all fuel is clean. Sometimes fuel can contain contamination and / or debris (i.e. sand, water, etc.) from where it was purchased due to the gas station’s underground storage tanks containing debris. Contamination in fuel can also come from build-up in your fuel filter and / or fuel rail where the fuel injectors are located in the engine compartment. A deep clean of the fuel tank may be just what your fuel injection system needs, especially if you are planning on installing a replacement fuel pump anytime soon! 

Symptoms of a vehicle with bad gas are:

  • Noisy / rough idle
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Higher emissions
  • Difficulty starting                                    
  • Stalling
  • Engine surging or hesitating on acceleration
  • Check Engine Light

You can find Delphi Technologies’ fuel cleaning kit (FC01) in our catalog along with an easy to follow step by step below from our Clean The Tank initiative. 

Step by step on how to clean the tank

10 steps to clean the gas tank: drain fuel, clean rust and debris, remove pump, pour out remaining gas, clean tank interior with low-suds soap and water, swirl cleaning solution, drain tank, dry and wipe out

The Delphi Technologies Difference

At Delphi Technologies, we know the importance of every vehicle’s technology and encourage regular maintenance for optimal performance, economy, and longevity. As we clean our house and open the windows in anticipation of the fresh spring air, we can do the same for our vehicle by checking some important, and sometimes overlooked, automotive parts. If an automotive part is beyond repair, consider replacing it with Delphi Technologies OE standard aftermarket parts to start off the season fresh as new.

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