Under the hood of a hybrid electric vehicle

48 Volts and Beyond – Advanced Hybrid Diagnostics

Course number: TBD

48-volt systems will become the new normal as OEMs bridge the gap between more expensive higher voltage hybrid and electric vehicles and older conventional gas engine powertrains. This course will bring you up to date with the DC and AC side of 48-volt and higher electrification.  We’ll go through how they work, common failures and diagnostic tips to help you master the variables of hybrid systems.

Skill Level Advanced
Audience All automotive aftermarket technicians
Prerequisites SV11240-11B1 completed
Duration 8 hours


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Course Highlights
  • Diagnosing System Main Relays & High Voltage Interlock Circuits (P0A0D)
  • HV Isolation Fault Circuits & Battery Pack Data PIDs / Load Tests
  • New 48-Volt Systems Coming Soon
  • Real World In Bay Testing You Can Do