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Advanced Air Conditioning Diagnostics

Course number: SV11570B-CSSS

The goal of this course is to provide technicians a better understanding of diagnosing and repairing air conditioning systems. This course will provide information on many different methods and tools used to diagnose the various HVAC systems used in today’s vehicles. Advanced scan tool and temperature diagnosis procedures are provided which will assist the technician in identifying and correcting issues in air conditioning systems efficiently and effectively.

Skill Level Intermediate to advanced
Audience All automotive aftermarket technicians
Prerequisites None
Duration 4 hours


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Course Highlights
  • Overview of New Refrigerants and Oils
  • Discuss Tools and Equipment Used for Diagnosis and Repair
  • Overview of Service Strategies
  • Discuss Scan Tool Diagnostic Use
  • Overview of Service and Repair Techniques
  • Discuss Temperature Testing Procedures and Results