Render of a car showing the gasoline powertrain system

Diagnosing & Repairing Fuel Trim / Fuel Control Systems

Course number: SV10919-11B1

Diagnostic techniques have changed over the years as related to fuel control. The number of inputs and actuators has more than doubled to keep up with the demand for precise fuel control, and technicians are faced with the challenge of keeping up with these advances in technology every day. This course is designed to give a comprehensive look at the OBD-II fuel monitor operational requirements used by automotive manufacturers to meet the stringent standards for fuel economy and emission control. 

In this course, we will review fuel system control monitoring and provide a generic diagnostic strategy process technicians can use to efficiently troubleshoot and repair the system, and provide a method of verifying repair effectiveness. We’ll look at the long- and short-term fuel trim values and discuss how to use fuel trim as a diagnostic tool. We will also examine the use of a scan tool and how Mode $06 can help with some of the more difficult diagnoses.

Skill Level Intermediate to advanced
Audience All automotive aftermarket technicians
Prerequisites Proficiency with scan tool; understanding of OBD-II
Duration 4 hours


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Course Highlights
  • A comprehensive look at the OBD-II fuel monitor operational requirements
  • Review fuel system control monitoring
  • Learn strategies to efficiently troubleshoot and repair
  • Scan tool and Mode $06 training