Delphi Technologies trainer in front of a class

Hands-On Lab Time - Instructor Follow Up Class

Course number: SV11247-11B1

You’ve taken a Delphi Technologies training class and thought it was great, but you want more. No problem. Delphi Technologies offers a follow-up class to enhance the training course just completed. Working with our Delphi Technologies instructors, you develop a unique “follow up” class expanding on our normal training class with hands-on time in the bay with real-world equipment and diagnostic scenarios.

Skill Level All
Audience All automotive aftermarket service providers and/or technicians
Prerequisites Completion of a Delphi Technologies training class
Duration 4 hours


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Course Highlights
  • This course is designed to enhance many of Delphi’s Technologies normal training classes
  • It is run as a follow-up class on the same day or the day after a normal Delphi Technologies training class has been conducted
  • The content of the class is determined and agreed upon by the customer and the Delphi Technologies instructor prior to the class
  • There are no course materials