Under the hood of a hybrid electric vehicle

Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Diagnosis and Repair

Course number: SV11242-11B1 / Hands-On Training!

Now that you understand the major components and have performed maintenance services on hybrid vehicles, it’s time to prepare for the diagnosis and replacement of failed components. Hybrids vehicles have been on the road since the late 90s and most of these vehicles are out of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Being prepared to diagnose and replace major components is important. 

This course is designed to educate technicians, and shop owners on proper diagnosis, testing procedures and replacement of components related to hybrid vehicles. Important safety procedures and the disabling of high voltage systems making them safe to test and repair will also be covered. 

This course will guide you through the maze of electronic and mechanical systems you are likely to encounter when diagnosing, and repairing hybrid vehicles.

Skill Level Advanced
Audience All automotive aftermarket technicians
Prerequisites SV11240-11B1 completed
Duration 8 hours


PLEASE NOTE: The customer must provide a facility to bring a vehicle into. A lift is preferred.  There also must be at least one of the following hybrid vehicles available for this class: Toyota Prius, Ford Hybrid Escape / Mercury Hybrid Mariner or Ford Hybrid Fusion / Mercury Hybrid Milan.

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Course Highlights
  • Hands-On Training
  • Diagnosis and testing procedures
  • Replacement of hybrid vehicle components
  • Safety procedures