With the growth of new technologies, such as hybridization and active safety systems, the electronic content will only continue to increase. If independent garages are going to be able to repair these vehicles efficiently, the scope and power of the diagnostics tools and test equipment they use must match the complexity of these systems.


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With a presence in more than 150 countries, and a global network of over 2750 service centres, Delphi aftermarket provides OE specification end-to-end solutions from components to sophisticated software solutions.

Shop Management: Fundamental Keys to Increasing Service Sales

Tips for selling diagnostic testing and other repairs effectively, make the sale and following up with your customers after the sale all go towards the ultimate goal of helping you perfect relationships with your customers that increase sales and satisfaction.
Part resource centre delphi training academy courses
Duration: 4 hours
Face to face

Course Overview

Course number: SV22002

This class is for anyone in your store who deals with customers. Starting with the overall appearance of your shop and greeting the customer as they enter, or the potential customer on the phone. Creating a process that is the same for each customer such as a common writeup aid. How to question and how NOT to question the customer to get the information needed for your technicians to recreate, analyze the concern, and determine the best course of repair.

We will cover best practices for selling needed services and for recommending regular maintenance. We’ll offer suggestions for where to enter your market using best quality parts and industry normative maintenance, and how to sell this to your customer. Finally, we’ll wrap the class up with best practices for cashing out your customer, offering opportunity for them to tell you what they expect, and best practices for staying in contact with them.

  • Audience
    All retail aftermarket service providers.
  • Skill level
    Entry level to intermediate.
  • Prerequisites
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Part resource centre delphi training academy courses

This course includes:

  • Real-world examples of how to handle sales objections
  • Tips for selling diagnostic testing and other repairs effectively
  • Help identify and promote your unique selling position
  • Perfect relationship building between you and your customers that increase sales and satisfaction
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