Advanced Air Conditioning Diagnostics

Our Advanced Air Conditioning Diagnostics course covers advanced scan tool and temperature diagnosis procedures of various HVAC systems.
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Duration: 4 hours
Face to face Air Conditioning & Thermal Maintenance Solutions Vehicle Systems Training Series

Course Overview

Course number: SV22501

There's a new way to cool the automotive industry and a new set of rules to follow for a successful repair. Review 134a descent into refrigerant history while 1234yf is now in all makes-models as of September 2020 and a quick update on the status of R744. This four-hour course will instruct the technician on:

  • New lubrications
  • Updated service diagnostic procedures for 1234yf
  • Scan tool bi-directional controls
  • Onboard module software operation
  • Variable displacement compressor issues and repairs

Also, heat exchange and hybrid climate control are explored and dissected for east consumption in this four-hour course.

  • Audience
    All automotive aftermarket technicians
  • Skill level
    Intermediate to advanced
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Part resource centre delphi training academy courses

This course includes:

  • Review 134a history
  • Learn about 1234yf, which is now in all makes and models as of September 2020
  • Updates on the status of r744
  • Overview of new lubrications and service diagnostic procedures
  • Explore heat exchange and hybrid climate control
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