Good C.O.P./Bad C.O.P. - Advanced Ignition Diagnostics

Our Good C.O.P. / Bad C.O.P. - Advanced Ignition Diagnostics course overviews advanced diagnostics of coil on plug ignition systems.
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Duration: 4 hours
Face to face Diagnostics & Test Equipment Ignition Gasoline Powertrain Training Series

Course Overview

Course number: SV22407

Your customer’s ignition system is the ‘heartbeat’ of their engine.  Are you the ‘heart doctor’ that you need to be to diagnose problems quickly and accurately?  Your father’s ‘big box’ engine analyzer may be obsolete on vehicles with C.O.P. (Coil On Plug) ignition systems but the advanced diagnostics it provided in its day can be easily replicated with some practical methods you may be overlooking.  

  • Audience
    All automotive aftermarket technicians
  • Skill level
    Intermediate to advanced
  • Prerequisites
    Proficiency with scan tool; understanding of OBD-II and vehicle ignition systems
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Part resource centre delphi training academy courses

This course includes:

  • Spark systems – ignition circuit review
  • C.O.P.s of every variety; 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire
  • Meters and bench testing; what can we still do?
  • C.O.P. diagnostic feedback circuits
  • Scoping voltage and current; the “EKG and MRI” of ignition testing
  • Misfire madness: remembering the simple things that steal the spark
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