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Navigating the minefield that is online training is a challenge thanks to so many providers all claiming legitimate expertise and ‘must-have’ course topics. They may not be purposefully misleading, but even the best-looking course could contain misinformation which you unwittingly take with you into the workshop. Trusted training makes a big difference and there are a few ways to look out for those high quality and trustworthy courses. In this article, we will look at some tips on how to identify trustworthy training providers and make sure you get the best out of your learning experience.

There are a few ways to look out for high quality courses

Some factors might help you make a practical decision, and some help you trust. Its always good to look for a course provider with multiple benefits such as accreditation. The accreditation doesn’t necessarily have to be on the course that you’re doing, as the topic and level might not require it. But if the provider has partnerships and accreditations with expert bodies in their repertoire, it tells you that they are a provider who generally want to offer you high, peer reviewed, standards.

Transparency about their training material and after-course support is also a good sign. These can tell you more about how suitable the course might be to your personal learning style, which is incredibly important. All these factors are important and contribute to your decision to choose particular courses, however reviews help build that all important trust.

Who to trust when it comes to training?

Technician's recommendations help you trust

Reviews from other technicians are one of the best indications that you can trust your course choice. They can make the difference to courses old and new. Just because a course is new doesn’t mean it won’t have a good foundation, and just because a course is old doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Positive technician reviews can help you trust courses of any age if they’re what you’re looking for.

Knowing the review is coming from a fellow technician can help you verify a few critical aspects of the course. It can help validate the technical content and relevance to the advertised course topics and aims. Crucially, it can also help you validate the real-world usefulness of the course material once you’re back in the workshop. Other technicians can provide that unique and informed insight which can help you trust whether the course will support your ultimate goal; which is to take that information back into your workshop to offer high quality work and customer satisfaction.


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