Delphi offers an extensive range of OE-level Diagnostic and Test Equipment

“Is it fixed yet?” Seems like everybody skips right to that question, even though the first thing you need to figure out is “What’s wrong?” So along with making high quality parts, Delphi offers a lineup of diagnostics and test equipment, so you’re sure to have all the answers.

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OBD Diagnostics

Part diagnostics vehicle tech information 01

DS Software Simulator

Our exciting new diagnostics simulator will allow you to try 'before you buy'. This simulator will give you access to our software, and let you use all of the features - as you would do in your workshop. Try it out today!
Part diagnostics ODB UK DS software

DS Software Car/Light Commercial Vehicle

Available as a stand-alone VCI, DS150E, or DS450E tablet, the simple, easy-to-use software provides fast and accurate diagnostics of the key vehicle systems.
Part diagnostics ODB heavy duty diagnostic software

DS Software Heavy Duty

Delphi DS diagnostic software for trucks, trailers & buses is packed full of powerful features, functionality & applications for a super diagnostic capability.

DS diagnostic hardware

Delphi DS diagnostic software is available as either a VCI, DS150E, or a smart tablet, DS450E for a powerful, responsive & accurate diagnostic capability.

DS Diagnostic cables

For added capability Delphi offer a full range of vehicle manufacturer specific OBD cables for car, truck van and trailer.

BlueTech VCI Diagnostics

The new Delphi BlueTech VCI joins the diagnostic portfolio for advanced yet easy to use diagnostic solution for workshops.

DS Diagnostic VCI

The Delphi vehicle communication interface (VCI) is a powerful, multi-brand diagnostic interface that connects directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket.

ADAS Calibration

Pass-Thru Diagnostics

Vehicle Technical Information

Part diagnostics vehicle tech information 01


Our all-makes Vehicle Technical Information or VTI for a car, combines essential maintenance & repair data with detailed technical drawings, manuals, procedures & more.
Part diagnostics vehicle tech information 01


Delphi VTI (Vehicle Technical Information) for Heavy Duty is a powerful platform which is available as either a standalone package, or one that integrates directly into your DS diagnostic tool.

Fuel Injection Diagnostics

Part diagnostics fuel injection false actuator diagnostic kit

False Actuator Diagnostic Kit

The False Actuator kit enables interrogation of the pump when a reduction in Common Rail system pressure has been identified.
Part diagnostics fuel injection sealed rail kit

Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit

Our Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit provides simple, low-cost on-vehicle capability for all makes of Common Rail pumps and injectors.
Part diagnostics fuel injection electronic test kit

Electronic Injector Test Kit

With Delphi Electronic Injector Test Kit, you’ll be able to quickly test the electrical integrity of all makes of solenoid Common Rail injectors on vehicle.

Break-Out Equipment

Delphi wide range of break-out cables and boxes lets you quickly find the cause of electrical faults with common rail injectors.
Part diagnostics fuel injection lo35 low pressure tool

LP35 Low Pressure Diagnostic Tool

Delphi LP35 is a highly precise, ultra-fast, affordable hand-held tester for the low-pressure side of light, medium & heavy duty vehicles.
Part diagnostics fuel injection hd3000 high pressure tool

HD3000 High Pressure Diagnostic Tool

Delphi's patented HD3000 simplifies the diagnosis of faults with current & future-generation diesel & gasoline high pressure fuel systems, on all vehicle types.

Calibration Fluid

Delphi Calibration Fluid is smooth and includes anticorrosion properties. Choice of techs for safety when using diesel injection testing equipment.

Fuel Analyzer

Delphi has the fuel analyzer which is cost-effective and within 1% accuracy it can tell you whether fuel is causing you engine problems.



Sabre CRi Expert

A compact, All-Makes Diesel CR injector test bench packed with advanced functionality.
Part diagnostic tech equipment Sabre Cri Master 033

Sabre CRi Master

A compact, All-Makes Diesel CR injector test bench packed with functionality.
Part diagnostic tech equipment Toledo HEUI Master

Toledo HEUI Master

A compact and powerful test bench for Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors (HEUI)
HK1400 Expert

HK1400 Expert

This cambox is an essential choice for any diesel workshop wanting to increase their EUI and EUP diagnostic capability.


Delphi's CRp-PC allows for smoother workflow. It also includes auto pressure control and can test speeds up to 6500rpm.


Save your time with Delphi's AVM2-PC Test Stand. Easy to use, its advanced technology allows you to test your accessories in 50% of the time it takes other test benches.


Delphi CRi-PC Test Stand: Cost-Effective and Flexible


Engineered by Hartridge for garages & entry-level workshops, YDT-35 is a low cost go/no go diagnostic solution for troubleshooting faulty Common Rail injectors.
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