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How to unlock the Security GateWay on a Renault Arkana

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With more cars featuring Security GateWays, it’s essential to know how to unlock them correctly to perform any work that requires commands to be send back to the control unit.

Discover how to unlock the Security GateWay on a Renault Arkana hybrid.  Watch the video to find out:

  • What equipment you’re going to need
  • How to install a voltage stabiliser
  • How to unlock the Security GateWay correctly.
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What is a Security GateWay?

It is a form of cybersecurity built into the vehicle to protect its internal systems from external access.

Why do modern vehicles have them?

As today’s vehicles become increasingly run by software and more connected, they need protection from potential cyberattacks. 

Why do I need to unlock the Security GateWay?

When locked you will not be able to erase fault codes. You can only have read access to the vehicle. 

What vehicle information will I need?

The diagnostic software can automatically retrieve the VIN from the vehicle, via the wireless VCI which connects to the OBD port. This will then be automatically decoded into the vehicle details (Make/Model/year etc.).


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