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Our How To for DPF filter regeneration

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In this article you will find a step by step how to guide for DPF filter regeneration.

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Astra H, Corsa D (Z13DTH and Z13DTJ), Signum, Vectra C, Zafira B

Diesel Systems


This function is used to burn off the soot particles in the particle filter. It is particularly useful for cleaning the DPF when the vehicle is always driven in an urban environment.

Step By Step



For 2005-2006 models, use the following procedure for the Z19DT and Z19DTH engines:

Caution: Fire Hazard Warning! 

Run the regeneration outside and make sure that there is no flammable material under or behind the vehicle. The regeneration process generates very high exhaust temperatures. Do not fit an exhaust extractor.

Regeneration burns the soot particles trapped in the particle filter and the process takes about ten minutes.

Place the gear selection lever in the P position (or in neutral for manual transmission).

Make sure the parking brake is engaged.

Start the engine.

Wait until the coolant temperature reaches normal running temperature (80°) before attempting to start the regeneration procedure or the process will not start.

Do not touch any of the controls during the process.

The engine speed will rise (3500 RPM) and the injection will be retarded to greatly increase the exhaust temperature.

White smoke may be produced by the regeneration process.

Do not click on the OK button for "Operation finished" (see illustration 1).

Wait until the process stops automatically (engine speed will drop to idle automatically) and leave the engine idling for at least 10 minutes before switching off.




Illustration 1

If the cycle is interrupted (by accidentally pressing a pedal for example), it is possible to restart the process at the next key on.



Blower Motor

Soot particle burning (regeneration) must be carried out in the open air. The filter particle will reach extremely high temperatures. The vehicle must be parked on a non-flammable surface. To avoid consequent damage, only run the regeneration procedure once! The combustion process can take up to 40 minutes.

Test conditions

  • Engine at idle.
  • Minimum coolant temperature greater than 72°C (Note: if the temperature has not been reached, the process will not start)
  • No pedal must be depressed.


1. Click on "OK" to start the operation.

2. A dialogue box will display the coolant temperature. Wait until the temperature reaches the correct value. See test conditions.

3. Click on "OK" to start the regeneration.

4. A dialogue box will display the regeneration status. If the combustion must be cancelled, select "Cancel" and switch the ignition off once the engine speed has stabilized.

5. Regeneration takes around 40 minutes.

6. A dialogue box will display: "Combustion finished" when the process has reached a successful conclusion.

In case of failure or cancellation, check the test conditions and replace the particle filter as necessary.




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Diagnostic tool

Forced regeneration of DPF



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