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The best things come in threes! New, reman and repair for diesel injectors.

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In this article, you will learn more about the three choices for the servicing of the latest diesel fuel injection technology and how you can decide which one is right for you. 
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New, reman and repair. Three choices for the servicing of the latest diesel fuel injection technology. But not sure which ones right for you? Let us help you decide - the only thing you don't need to choose is the quality. That's guaranteed!

As vehicle manufacturers look for ways to improve fuel economy, emissions and engine performance, diesel fuel injectors will continue to become ever more sophisticated. The high pressures and extremely fine manufacturing tolerances required to do this will inevitably have a knock-on effect on costs. As such, reliable replacement parts can be expensive, and as a vehicle gets older, that cost can become disproportionately high compared to the vehicle’s value.

To provide the right solution for every vehicle owner, we offer three choices when it comes to servicing diesel fuel injectors: new, remanufactured and authorised-repaired. All three offer guaranteed quality but at different price points so you can decide what’s best for you based on the age and value of your vehicle, amongst many other things.

New: Lift the bonnet and chances are you may find Delphi injectors. That’s because as a major OE supplier, our diesel injectors are fitted on the assembly line to millions of vehicles worldwide. Be it our Common Rail technology in a small family car, SUV or light commercial vehicle, or our latest generation Electronic Unit or Smart Injectors in large trucks and buses.

Our new injectors, typically available from vehicle launch, are identical to these parts – they’re brand new after all. They’re manufactured in the same factory and to the same exacting specifications, with up to 1000 test plan points. New Delphi injectors are available through both Delphi distributors and the authorized repair network.

Remanufactured: Delphi’s remanufactured injectors follow the same fit, form and function as their OE counterpart. They are remanufactured at one of Delphi’s global manufacturing facilities, using the same components and processes.  And just like new, they are calibrated to the same OE specification, with up-to 1,000 test plan points, and given a unique correction code to ensure original part and vehicle performance characteristics are maintained. The only difference being, that we reuse the core injector where viable to help reduce costs.

As with all our remanufactured product, we apply a strict core selection criteria. Every item is inspected before being washed and stripped-down. Then, once again, the product is inspected to ensure there is no damage to the core unit before re-assembly takes place. Products with seized springs, broken plungers, heavy scrapes or missing and damaged connectors are not used for remanufacture. This is in sharp contrast to other so-called remanufacturers who may simply replace the broken or damaged parts, or worse still just clean and polish the injector.

Delphi remanufactured injectors are available off-the-shelf through Delphi distributors and the Delphi authorised repair network.

Authorised-repaired: We also supply OE components, test equipment, training and technical support to our authorised Delphi Diesel Centre network for the local repair of injectors. Whilst all wearing parts are replaced as a matter of course in Delphi remanufactured injectors, only those components that are diagnosed as being out of specification are replaced in a repaired injector, reducing the cost further still. Any replacement components are identical to the OE parts used in new and remanufactured injectors, and the repaired injector is calibrated to OE specification with up to 450 test plan points and a new unique OE calibration code generated specific to the performance characteristics of the repaired part.

Importantly, only authorised Delphi Diesel Centres have access to the OE parts, test plans, equipment and expertise to guarantee the highest quality repair.  A non-authorized repairer, for example,  cannot produce an OE-approved calibration code so the ECU essentially has to ‘guess’ how to perform resulting in  poor fuel economy, excess smoke and sluggish engine performance. Delphi authorised- repaired injectors are available through the Delphi Diesel Centre network.

So there you have it! Three choices but OE quality guaranteed….new, reman and repair.


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