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The Key to Success…Diagnostics, Technical Information and Training - A Complete Solution from Delphi!

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In this article you will find out about the keys to garage success: diagnostics, technical information and education. Working together, these three elements can help you provide a complete solution for customers; creating value, loyalty and most importantly, profitability.
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Today vehicles can have up to 50 computers embedded beneath the skin… all communicating with each other through tens of millions of lines of computer code to manage interconnected systems including brakes, engine, navigation, lighting, ventilation, entertainment…the list is endless. A technician must know how these systems work individually, and how they interact. Replacing one part, can affect the other if not diagnosed and repaired properly. 

The key to servicing these technologies is being able to make timely, informed and accurate diagnosis. And for this you’ll need access to the right diagnostic tools, technical information and training. Without it, you’ll be limited in what you’re able to repair and the potential for future growth. With it, it’s a totally different story; you’ll be able to compete on service with the VM dealer, and have a distinct competitive advantage over other independents that don’t have the same capability.

The right training

Let’s start with training. Ongoing education is critical. As a leading OE manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive programme comprising practical, hands-on training courses, a technical hotline, in-field support, webinars and online information. Typical courses include vehicle electrics, gasoline engine management, understanding emissions, hybrid vehicles and Common Rail diagnostics. Check out our training page for more details.

The right diagnostic tool

Having the right diagnostic tool is equally important. After all, diagnostics now touches even the most routine of service items. Take Mercedes Benz vehicles equipped with their latest diesel engine - 2013 Mercedes Sprinter 2.2, for example. When fitting a new air filter, a diagnostic procedure is required to tell the ECU that it has been replaced.  This then adapts the MAF sensor readings to ensure the correct air flow measurement is calculated.

With our DS diagnostic tool you’ll be able to perform basic through to in-depth diagnostics for all makes and models. Available as a stand-alone VCI or pre-configured tablet, the feature packed solution enables you to read and erase fault codes, code ECU’s, reset service lights and activate or adjust components.  

Integrated into the DS software, our Vehicle Technical Information combines essential maintenance and repair data with detailed technical drawings, manuals and procedures. We like to call it a one-stop-shop for diagnostic information. Together with the DS, you’ll be able to save time and money by reducing non-billable hours and improving workshop efficiency.

The right package

Finally, using Delphi’s DS-FLASH. Pass-Thru package, you will be able to perform dealer-level diagnostics, download software updates, reprogram ECUs and access OE technical data and service schedule information, without the need for expensive dealer-only tools.

"There you have it! The keys to garage success: diagnostics, technical information and education. Working together, these three elements can help you provide a complete solution for customers; creating value, loyalty and most importantly, profitability."


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