Delphi Technologies Aftermarket Announces Global Power Electronics Program for Rapidly Growing Electrified Market

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BorgWarner, a global leader in delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the automotive market, is bringing emerging technologies to the aftermarket with its global power electronics program for electrified vehicles. The company’s pioneering product portfolio benefits from BorgWarner’s strategic business investments to globally expand its electrification capabilities, allowing aftermarket customers access to original equipment (OE) quality replacement parts, such as combined inverter and DC/DC converters, traction power inverter modules, and onboard chargers. The company’s innovative full service solution also provides charging equipment, in-depth expert-led training, advanced technical support, and traditional replacement parts to further help aftermarket customer service and repair this rapidly evolving electrified market.

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“The move towards sustainability is not only being driven by government initiatives around the world implementing 100 percent sales of zero-emission vehicles,” said Alex Ashmore, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Aftermarket. “We now have proof that consumers also want greener mobility, because even during a pandemic, global battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales increased last year by 43 percent. All those vehicles use power electronics to move and the aftermarket will need access to these components in order to move forward with the industry.”

OE performance for an electrified aftermarket

The company’s innovative forethought to invest in power electronics helped our customers meet increasing emission and fuel economy regulations, as well as create consumer acceptance for electrified vehicles. BorgWarner’s suite of differentiated OE solutions includes combined inverter and DC/DC converters (CIDD), traction power inverter modules (TPIM), and on-board chargers that deliver best-in-class performance in size, weight, power density, and significant cost reductions. Already featured on multiple global vehicle manufacturers’ platforms, the company will continue the race to electrification into the aftermarket by offering these same components for an OE quality repair.

Offering consumers a flexible and portable charging solution

Delphi Technologies is easing consumer range anxiety with an innovative, low-cost, all-in-one charging solution that can be used almost anywhere. Proven in serial production at multiple major OEMs, the company’s Charge Mode 2 cable features an In-Cable Control and Protection Device (IC-CPD) that enables customers to safely charge their electric vehicle (EV) using the existing infrastructure, such as household socket outlets. Easily storable in an EV luggage compartment, this pioneering technology is perfect for short commutes, overnight charging, or an emergency charge. Delphi Technologies Charge Mode 2 Cables are customized for the country of use and are available now in North America, Europe, and China.

More than just parts with an innovative full service solution 

In the anticipation of future electrification trends, Delphi Technologies is committed to supporting the technical training that installers around the world will need to undertake to safely service high voltage automotive technology. The company’s full service solution offers comprehensive training on servicing plug-in and hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV/HEVs), with plans to expand the program in order to meet future service needs. Depending on the region, Delphi Technologies’ pioneering products provide high-quality traditional replacement parts to support many powertrain repairs, such as brakes, sensors, thermal, steering, and suspension parts, for a full service electric vehicle solution.

“The race to electrification represents a significant aftermarket opportunity for those with the right parts, tools, and know-how to service the next generation of vehicles,” adds Ashmore. “That’s why at Delphi Technologies we’re not only excited about bringing BorgWarner’s pioneering OE technology to the aftermarket, but also to provide the technical training and support needed to upskill the workforce on the emerging technologies of this new fleet of complex electrified vehicles.

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