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Test Results for Delphi's Ignition Coils

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Experienced independent engineers at an Original Equipment (OE) Test Bench in Auburn Hills, MI, tested Delphi Ignition Coils against OE standards and four aftermarket brands.

We wanted to know whether Delphi's products adhere to OE quality and benchmark their performance against competitors. All five Delphi ignition coils passed 100% of the electrical performance tests. We were the only brand to achieve this result—each aftermarket brand experienced at least one failure.

Results breakdown


GN10571 matched the OE spark duration. It outperformed Brand 4 by 22.3% in spark duration and 16.2% in output energy.

Takeaway: GN10571 ensures efficient fuel combustion and smooth engine performance.


GN10690 was consistent with the OE output energy and 13.7% higher than Brand 3. Its secondary resistance was 25% lower than Brand 2 and 27% lower than Brand 3.

Takeaway: GN10690 delivers reliable combustion for better fuel efficiency.


GN10235 was level with the OE secondary resistance, outperforming Brand 1 by 12.2% and Brand 3 by 59.4%. It delivered higher output energy compared to Brand 3 by 21.6%.

Takeaway: GN10235 ensures high energy output, improving engine performance.


GN10314 passed the secondary voltage tests and aligned with OE results. Compared to Brand 1 and Brand 3, Delphi's coil was 15.1% and 17% higher, respectively.

Takeaway: GN10314 promotes efficient combustion.


GN10590 was consistent with the OE across all tests. It exceeded Brand 3 by 24.8% in secondary resistance, 27.6% in output energy, and 18.2% in spark duration.

Takeaway: GN10590 enhances both performance and efficiency.

Delphi leads the way

Delphi Ignition Coils lead the way in reliability and eco-friendliness. Our products meet or exceed OE standards, delivering vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and lower emissions.


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