UK-DI-COD Injector coding uncovered

Duration: 0.75 hours
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Course Overview

We are excited to bring you this course which focuses on injector coding.

Some technicians aren't aware that when you fit a replacement common rail injector it required programming to the ECU.
For those who are aware, they often don't know the detail to 'why' they are doing it, or what are the consequences of not completing this task.

This course covers response time (uS), Minimum drive pule (MPD), and a deep look into how the injectors code it created.

A must for both diesel experts, and those looking to expand their overall system knowledge.

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Course price
£220 (1 year) - part of our annual licence for all eLearning courses

This course includes:

  • What infomation is in the injector coding?
  • Understanding response time in μS
  • What is Minimum Drive Pulse (MDP)?
  • Coding calculations
  • Coding end test
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