Delphi Technologies Audi Q8 brakes

Quick off the mark! First to market brake pads

Delphi Technologies Audi Q8 brakes

When it comes to braking, speed and response are critical, especially in an emergency - it could mean the difference between you stopping just in time or hitting someone or something, with potentially significant consequences.  In recent tests we proved this to be the case, stopping quicker, as well as braking quieter and lasting longer, than the OE and six other leading aftermarket competitors.

But it’s not just braking performance where speed is important. Introducing timely, market relevant parts is also key. Which is why we set ourselves ambitious targets of ensuring we have new pads in range, within 6 to 12 months of a vehicle’s launch. For discs, it’s a little longer - 12 to 18 months - simply because they tend to wear a little slower.

And we’re pleased to say we meet these targets too. Out of the 112 new pads and discs introduced so far this year, many of these cover popular new applications; the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace (03/18>), BMW X2 (02/18>), DS 7 Crossback (01/18>) being just a few examples.

Delphi Technologies  Audi Q8 infographics

Most recently, we were first to market with brake pads for the new Audi Q8 (02/2018>), also fitted to the Audi Q7. As well as the bragging rights of being the first manufacturer to have these in range, it means that workshops can generate additional revenue by accessing the repair business on these newer vehicles sooner, increasing both profitability and customer retention. When vehicle manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to keep business within their franchised networks, this is a huge advantage.

Whilst speed to market is obviously important, it’s worth noting that this is never at the expense of quality. Far from it. Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it’s a brand new vehicle or a change to an older application, already in range, all our braking product is designed, manufactured and tested to the meet the same standards of performance as the OE.

So the next time a new vehicle pulls into your bay, you too can be quick off the mark. Just fit Delphi pads and discs for OE quality, fast to market parts.