Delphi Technologies new box with wallpaper design in front of a car with the hood open.
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High-quality packaging for Delphi Technologies' high-quality parts


At Delphi Technologies, we are committed to giving you the highest quality part for every repair. As part of our extensive company rebranding effort, we are moving from our Aftermarket red oval to a single, common identity for both our OE and Aftermarket businesses. 

Every day, thousands of installers open our boxes, so as well as looking good, the packaging must be strong, durable and, of course, easy to use. Thanks to recent improvements, our new packaging does all of that and more. 

Our products come in two designs: one is wallpaper packaging, with an alternating D logo and Delphi Technologies name along the edges.

image of new Delphi Technologies package in wallpaper format, with callouts describing new benefits of packaging.

Other products come in our new retail packaging, with a product photo on a gray background and a stripe of blue on the left with our D logo and Delphi Technologies name. 

Graphic of the new Delphi Technologies Aftermarket retail package with callouts on new benefits.

As we roll out our new packaging, a product authentication solution will be introduced in order to distinguish our high-quality parts from counterfeit products. If you're unsure, contact our customer service team and they can provide help.