GDi: The future of the internal combustion engine

In December 2018, the European Union agreed on new regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from cars by 2025 and 2030. To achieve these targets, as well as consumer demand for improved fuel economy, vehicle manufacturers have been turning to any technological advantage they can find. One of these being GDi.
Gasoline direct injection technology, also known as GDi for short, delivers increased performance, improved fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through more precise, leaner and complete combustion. 

More than 80% of light duty vehicles sold in 2030 are still expected to have an Internal Combustion Engine. Most of these will be gasoline, with GDi being the predominant technology. Overall, we expect the GDi market will grow by over 30% in both US and EU over the next 5 – 10 years compared to 2018. And as the GDi market grows, the aftermarket can anticipate an increase of vehicle owners seeking shops with GDi expertise, parts and know-how. 

Fortunately, distributors and installers only need to rely on one supplier for a complete GDi service solution. 

By partnering with Delphi Technologies, our customers can gain access to everything they need to take advantage of one of the fastest growing areas of vehicle repair. As a pioneering manufacturer of OE propulsion technology, Delphi Technologies understand the challenges of maintaining these highly advanced, high pressure systems, because we designed them.

In 2016, Delphi Technologies announced the industry’s first series production 350-bar GDi system, pushing the boundaries of GDi innovation by delivering substantially reduced particulate emissions, allowing OEMs to hit Euro 6d and China 6 emissions standards with simpler after-treatment systems, advanced componentry built for speed and endurance, improved performance and lower fuel-pump noise thresholds. But 350-bar was not enough. 

Delphi Technologies 350 bar system injector infographic

In Q3 of 2019, Delphi Technologies unveiled the new 500+ bar GDi system. Featuring an innovative new sealing system and a new, downsized plunger, the pioneering design of Delphi Technologies’ high-efficiency fuel pump, can reduce particulate emissions by up to 50 percent without expensive engine re-designs for the majority of applications. The industry-first 500+ bar GDi system is expected to be used in production from 2022 onwards.

Delphi Technologies 500 bar fuel system improvements

Today, Delphi Technologies alone has supplied more than seven million GDi systems on light duty vehicles produced worldwide. Our all-encompassing GDi service program includes OE injectors and pumps, covering a parc of more than 3.9 million popular PSA vehicles equipped with our GDi systems, with more applications planned, service kits, all makes electronic and hydro mechanical diagnostic tools, test and cleaning equipment and training. 

Delphi Technologies GDi Fuel Pump and GDi Fuel Injector

GDi is another great example of how Delphi Technologies is using its expertise in advanced OE systems to help pioneer its customers into new market opportunities. With this added capability of OE parts, tools and know-how, independent garages will be able to offer their customers a complete GDi service solution to generating additional revenue and profit from existing customers, and potentially new ones too. 

Partner with a Pioneer… Partner with Delphi Technologies.