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Designed to reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise, bushings play an important role in the steering and suspension set-up of modern vehicles. Thanks to their good damping properties and excellent load carrying capabilities, our bushings absorb unwanted vibrations and sound, providing a comfortable and quiet ride, as well as improving vehicle stability and safety.

The right material

Bushings are subject to high dynamic stresses day-in, day-out. And is why we only ever use the highest quality materials. By carefully balancing the precise quantities of steel and rubber, our bushings provide the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and noise reduction, tailored to the application they fit.

The Delphi Difference
Bushings and steering rack bellows offered
One of the industry's leading ranges with global applications
Designed, engineered and manufactured to OE quality standards

Preparation is key

All our bushings go through a rigorous cleaning process. All bonding surfaces are washed, sanded, degreased and painted. And that’s just the start.

Super strong bond

For superior mechanical properties, we chemically bond the rubber to a pre-coated metal surface. Under high temperatures and pressure, the adhesive reacts to provide a powerful bond between the rubber and metal part – so much so, that the rubber should tear before the bond breaks.

Pushed to the limit

We know our parts are strong and durable, but just to be sure, we subject them to extensive fatigue testing. We also conduct push tests to check the cohesion of the bushings. As a rule, OE push out levels for bushes are 1000 Nm of pressure minimum. Ours can withstand 1800 Nm.