Oxygen sensor for a car

Oxygen (O2) sensors

Delphi Technologies planar oxygen sensors have the fastest activation time which is the best in the industry and twice as fast as the nearest competitor’s. But wait there’s more - three times more planar coverage than our closest competitor.

Industry’s fastest light-off

Since the majority of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions come within the first 30 seconds after a cold start, fitting a fast-acting oxygen sensor is critical. Our planar sensor element with integrated heater, reaches optimum operating temperature in a matter of seconds – as quick as six seconds to be precise – for quicker closed-loop activation and reduced cold start emissions.

The Delphi Difference
Delphi planar technology covers older, conical design sensors
Smart design consolidates SKUs without using long wires
Patented protective sensor coating helps prevent contamination
Validated for all fuel types, including ethanol blends like E85
OE tested to 150,000 miles, plus 2,000 hours severe thermal testing

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What is an O2 Sensors

The oxygen sensor, otherwise known as an O2 sensor or lambda sensor, measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. Whilst this may sound like a fairly modest task, the O2 sensor is actually one of the most important sensors on any vehicle, responsible for maintaining a harmonious balance between air and fuel for optimal emissions. Too much fuel produces hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Too little fuel produces nitrogen-oxide pollutants. The O2 sensor helps keep this mixture just right. Because of this you’ll want to fit a quality OE brand, such as Delphi Technologies. Every one of our O2 sensors incorporates proven OE technology, for fast-acting, accurate, long-lasting performance.