Delphi Cam Phasers

Our first-to-market, patented variable cam phasing technology includes an oil control valve, which controls the flow of oil to advance, retard or hold the camshaft position. By allowing the camshafts to always be in the optimum position, they help increase engine efficiency, improving idle stability while delivering more torque and horsepower. They also help boost fuel economy and reduce hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Patented OE cam phasing technology.
  • Helps broaden the torque curve, increase peak power at high rpm, reduce hydrocarbon and NOx emissions and increase fuel economy.
  • Low-restriction four-way control valve provides low pressure operation and continuous variable position operation.
  • High precision manufacturing processes enable low leakage and low lash for improved performance and noise free operation.

The Delphi Difference

  • 100 years of OE experience, supplier to the world’s top automakers
  • OE heritage and knowledge built into every aftermarket part
  • Comprehensive portfolio for a wide range of vehicles and model years
  • Streamlined SKUs for easy inventory management
  • Support through tools, tips and training

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