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How to train without leaving the workshop

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Automotive technicians need to stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques to provide the best service for customers. But sometimes the vehicle repairs you’re currently working on can’t afford to wait months for your next official course.

It can be difficult to find the time to be out of the business, or commit to taking regular time out of your schedule to learn about today’s fast-moving technology.

You should be planning to take formal, dedicated courses so that you and your colleagues have access to testing and certification – and the added value of connecting with other technicians and experienced trainers. But other chances to build knowledge shouldn’t be ignored.

Productivity matters

Productivity is one of the leading performance measures a technician strives for daily. Productivity matters so it’s best to work with it, not against it. Pausing mid-repair for long periods of time to look up lengthy and possibly unclear instructions will not benefit you or your customer. 

Speaking to other colleagues such as a senior technician or workshop controller is a great option because sharing knowledge in the business helps to develop the whole team. On the other hand, a senior colleague might not always be available, or you might not have a big team in your business. Also, making a habit of it could impact others’ own productivity levels.

Is the solution super high tech?

Augmented reality could one day be a possible solution for learning on the job, with learning providers making content available for streaming through headsets as we work on a problem component ourselves. But at the moment the prohibitive cost of investing in the hardware is too large a barrier for most technicians in most workshops.

Technicians need an accessible, easy-to-use solution for upskilling that doesn’t require a huge financial commitment or large chunks of their time. Our how-to and tech tip videos offer the knowledge your workers need to top up their skills whenever scheduling allows, for quick hits of useful information to improve your workshop’s offering.

Access the library of helpful how-to videos and guide content available from Delphi Academy, to give teams a quick knowledge boost when it’s needed.
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