OBD Diagnostics tester

OBD Diagnostics

With modern vehicles containing anything up to 50 computers, a good quality OBD diagnostic tool is now a must for any workshop. Whether it’s a complex repair job or simple routine maintenance, chances are you’ll need to access the ECU to clear the fault code or configure the replacement component; operations that are only possible using a diagnostic tool.

Our powerful, feature-packed and easy-to-use DS diagnostic solution gives you this capability and more. Just connect the VCI to the diagnostic socket in the vehicle and it will communicate via Bluetooth, with either the car or heavy duty software installed on your device, giving you instant access to OE-level diagnostics and technical information. All you need to do is choose which software and hardware you want.

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The Delphi Difference
User-friendly software with built-in features such as intelligent system scan, VIN recognition, help files and technical information for quick and accurate diagnostics
Powerful VCI with integrated flight recorder, battery voltage monitor and LED flashlight
Car and heavy duty software packages available
Supports extensive vehicle database with three major, easy-to-install software updates per year.
Choice of hardware platforms for greater workshop flexibility
Range of additional accessories available
Full service support including technical hotline and training

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