Exhaust gas temperature sensor

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

With emissions standards becoming increasingly stringent, vehicle manufacturers are continuously developing newer, cleaner technologies – one of the latest being the exhaust gas temperature sensor or EGTS. Integral to modern vehicles, it measures the temperature of the exhaust gas, helping to protect critical components from overheating, as well as enhancing the DPF regeneration process. To ensure they’re up to this job, our sensors feature a robust design, extremely fast activation times and a broad temperature range, for a long-lasting, high performing part. 

The Delphi Difference
Extremely fast activation times
Consistent output throughout broad temperature range
Accurate temperature detection
Robust, closed tip design highly resistant to heat, vibration and contamination
Platinum thin film RTD offers greater protection, response times and accuracy
Rigorous testing for durability, performance and environmental compliance

Super quick and accurate

In environments where temperatures change rapidly, fast and accurate measurement is critical. Our latest generation sensors can measure precise temperatures from as low as -40°C, all the way up to 900°C, taking less than 11 milliseconds to jump 300°C.

EGTS fast activate



Proven thin film technology

Sandwiched between a ceramic substrate and thin layer of glass, our proven thin film technology offers significant advantages over other wire wound equivalents. The latest generation platinum thin film RTD provides greater protection from environmental and mechanical stresses, whilst offering improved response times. 

EGTS film technology

Robust closed tip design

Given the aggressive environment in which they operate, every Delphi Technologies’ sensor features a robust, stainless steel, closed tip design, that enhances reliability in harsh conditions, while still providing extremely fast response times. Highly insulated cables and special seals provide further protection for a long-lasting sensor.