Vehicle master, slave, and wheel cylinders

Master, Slave and Wheel Cylinders

Simply put, the master cylinder generates hydraulic pressure that is transmitted via the brake fluid to either the wheel cylinder, in drum brakes, or the brake caliper, in disc brakes. These cylinders then exert mechanical pressure on the shoes or pads, and ultimately stop the vehicle. Checking these parts regularly and fitting only OE quality parts is therefore vital - anything less could compromise the vehicle’s braking performance and safety. With iron and aluminum castings, anodized coatings and OE spec seals and dust plugs, Delphi offers a full range of master, slave and wheel cylinders for reliable and long-lasting performance.

The Delphi Difference
90 years’ hydraulic system expertise
Manufactured in either cast iron or aluminium
Cylinder bores precision machined for reduced wear
Anodized coating protects against corrosion
OE specification rubber seals and dust caps protect against leaks and contamination
100 percent end of line tested for reliability

Precision manufacturing

Because reliability is key, we manufacture our master, wheel and slave cylinders in high-grade cast iron or aluminium, and precision machine the bores and pistons to extremely fine tolerances. As well as ensuring consistently smooth operation and low wear, they are also easy to fit, saving installers valuable time.

Seal of quality

All Delphi cylinders are fitted with OE specification rubber seals and caps to prevent leaks and protect the pistons from dirt and water contamination. Made from the latest generation EPDM rubber they provide excellent resistance to environmental exposure, aging and chemicals, as well as stability in high and low temperatures.

Heavy-duty protection

To counteract the effects of extreme temperatures, weather, dirt and corrosive materials, we apply a special anodized coating to housings and pistons. This additional layer provides a highly corrosion and wear-resistant surface, for a tougher, more durable part.

End of line testing


All Delphi master, wheel and slave cylinders are 100 percent end of line tested. This meticulous approach to testing ensures every cylinder adheres to stringent OE quality standards, so you can install with confidence, knowing your fitting a high-quality, reliable and long-lasting part that will deliver smooth and consistent braking.