Course Overview

The modern braking system has developed over the past 100 years and has become extremely dependable, efficient and automated. The typical brake system consists of disc and drum assemblies connected by a system of pipes and hoses. Connected systems include the parking brake, brake servo and the anti-lock system (ABS). This course will provide insight into the operation of the systems and the legal requirement to ensure that the vehicle meets the stringent requirement of VOSA (MOT).

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians requiring training in modern braking systems.
Skill Level Service, Repair or Master Technician.
Guidance This is for technicians who require training in modern braking systems repair and servicing. A general understanding of automotive vehicles is advised.
Course Content
  • Health & safety.
  • Disc & drum brakes.
  • Hydraulic system operation.
  • Brake fluid types and testing.
  • Working with Electronic Parking Brake (EPB).
  • Introduction to ABS.
  • Introduction to enhanced vehicle safety systems.