Course Overview

Want to know more about Diesel particulate filters and Selective catalyst reduction? Then this is the course for you. Designed to provide a detailed overview of exhaust a aftertreatment theory, it will give you all the skills you need to diagnose and repair faults on vehicles fitted with exhaust aftertreatment systems. You will learn how to perform diagnostic procedures and preventative maintenance to Delphi standards using specialist tooling and diagnostic equipment.

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians looking for a greater knowledge of exhaust after treatment systems, their operation and diagnosis.
Skill Level Service, Repair or Diagnostic Technician.
Guidance Understanding basic engine design and operation is essential. It is advisable to have a good basic level of electrics to gain the most from the course. Recommend VE1 course or equivlant experience/knowledge prior to attending.
Course Content
  • Overview of the operating principles of CRi systems.
  • Principles of combustion and exhaust gas recirculation.
  • Explanation of particulate filter systems and associated electronic control systems.
  • DPF system types.
  • Detailed overview of selective catalyst reduction operation and diagnosis of system faults.
  • Diagnostic strategies for DPF systems with and without additives.
  • Static and dynamic regeneration of the DPF.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Principles of on-vehicle testing using Delphi diagnostic tools.
  • Common faults and repair.