Course Overview

When diagnosing electrical and mechanical faults on any vehicle the use of an oscilloscope can give the technician a much better understanding of what is actually happening in a system. On completion of the course you will be con dent in using an oscilloscope when fault finding and be able to use captured waveforms to prove where a fault lies.

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians looking to get more from the use of an oscilloscope in day to day fault diagnostics.
Skill Level Service, Repair or Diagnostic Technician.
Guidance A good understanding of and some experience with fault  nding on modern vehicle electrical and electronic systems. It is recommended to have completed OS1 or both VE1 and VE2.
Course Content
  • An overview of the oscilloscopes functions and uses.
  • Analysing a wide range of waveforms to confirm faults or correct operation.
  • Utilising measurement functions (maths channels) to manipulate waveforms and perform a quicker diagnosis.
  • Learning new ways to approach a fault to increase first time fix rate.