Course Overview

With current trends towards engine downsizing, the global market for turbochargers continues to increase. This presents a great opportunity for garages with the right expertise. This one day module provides a detailed overview of turbocharging systems. It will teach you how to diagnose and repair faults on modern turbocharged vehicles.

Length 1 day.
Audience Technicians looking for a greater knowledge of turbocharger systems and fault diagnosis.
Skill Level Service, Repair or Diagnostic Technician.

Understanding basic engine design and operation is essential. It is advisable to have a good basic level of electrics to gain the most from the course.

Recommend VE1 course or equivlant experience / knowledge prior to attending.

Course Content
  • Overview of the principles of pressure charging systems.
  • Principles of combustion and exhaust gas recirculation.
  • Pressure charging system components, sensors and actuators.
  • Overview of turbocharger types.
  • Turbocharger system construction, operation and fault finding.
  • The principles of on-vehicle testing using Delphi diagnostic tools.
  • Common faults and repair procedures.