Remanufactured 3406E Injectors

Remanufactured 3406E Injectors

Features and Benefits

  • Surface lapping of each critical component ensures pressure sealing of sub-assemblies
  • New actuator assembly - spill valve, solenoid, NOP spring, washer, shim & stop in each injector guarantees OE quality performance and durability
  • 100% O-ring replacement for proper sealing

Program Highlights

With 60 years of experience in OE manufacturing, Delphi Diesel Aftermarket has the expertise and know-how necessary to deliver a quality remanufactured product.

In our reman facility, all injectors are fully disassembled. Each component is then thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All nozzles are reground, inspected, matched and flowed. Units are then reassembled, tested on specialized test equipment for correct fuel, timing and pressure.

Delphi offers full support for our Remanufactured 3406E Injectors:

  • 12 month, unlimited-mileage warranty
  • R&R on qualifying Delphi remanufactured injector warranty claims
  • Over 30 years of technical expertise available through our toll-free technical hotline (1.800.521.4784)
Delphi Reman Part Number Engine Size OE Part Number OE New Part Number
EX630956 14.6L/15.8L 10R0956  
EX630957 14.6L/15.8L 10R0957  
EX630958 14.6L/15.8L 10R0958  
EX630956 14.6L/15.8L 10R0956, 10R2782, 0R4332, 0R4895, 0R9256 102-6236, 109-5038, 1170481, 118-7929, 188-9027, 140-8951, 159-2631, 191-3002, 211-3022
EX630957 14.6L/15.8L 10R0957, 10R2781, 10R8501, 0R4119, 0R4300, 0R4331, 0R4894, 0R9257 103-4562, 109-5021, 117-0482, 118-8010, 118-9030, 140-8993, 159-2479, 191-3003, 211-3023
EX630958 14.6L/15.8L 10R0958, 10R2780, 0R4118, 0R4668, 0R4893, 0R9258 102-6230, 117-1146, 117-1148, 118-9035, 152-3680, 191-3004, 211-3024, 211-3027


The Delphi Difference
Surface lapping of each critical component
New actuator assembly - spill valve, solenoid, NOP spring, washer, shim & stop in each injector
100% O-ring replacement

HTK112 Injector Seal Kit

Delphi offers high quality seal kits for Remanufactured 3406E Injectors. These seal kits are crucial for injector performance. The HTK112 kit includes three o-rings to install one injector.

Did you know?

Reducing the level of emissions is critical in today's diesel engines. Delphi is leading this technological revolution with its advanced fuel injection systems. Delphi functionally tests 100% of its remanufactured product to ensure the highest quality. Delphi also offers a wide array of Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI/HEUI) for other applications.