Remanufactured HEUI Injector for Light Duty Engines

Remanufactured HEUI® Injector for Light Duty Engines

Features and Benefits

  • Surface lapping of each critical component ensures pressure sealing of sub-assemblies

  • New nozzle, NOP spring, shim, screws, check balls in each injector guarantee OE quality performance and durability

  • 100% O-ring replacement for proper sealing

Program Highlights

Coverage for the most popular light truck engines: 7.3L Ford Powerstroke & InternationalT444E, 1994-2003.

Remanufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2014 certified facility. A cost effective alternative to new units without compromising on quality.

Delphi offers full support for our Remanufactured HEUI for Light Duty Engines:

  • 14 month, unlimited mileage warranty
  • R & R on qualifying Delphi remanufactured injector warranty claims
  • Over 30 years of technical expertise available through our toll-free technical hotline (1.800.521.4784)
Delphi Reman Part Number OE Part Number Ford Part Number

1816187C3, 1821836C3, 1822800C95


1822803C1, 1824582C94, 1825125C1

F81Z9E527BRM, F7TZ9E527BRM, F61Z9VE527BRM
EX63802AC 1822890C1, 1824455C94, 1824456C96 N/A
EX63803AD 1831487C92, 1831550C1, 1831551C1 F81Z9E527CRM, 5C3Z9VE527BRM
EX63804AE 1833645C1, 1833646C92, 1833647C91 F81Z9E527EARM, XC3Z9E527AARM, 5C3Z9VE527ARM
EX63805AF 1833641C1 F61Z-9VE527ERM


The Delphi Difference
Surface lapping of each critical component
New nozzle, NOP spring, shim, screws, check balls in each injector
100% O-ring replacement

HTK127 Injector Seal Kit

Delphi offers high quality seal kits for Remanufactured HEUI Injectors. These seal kits are crucial for injector performance. This kit includes five o-rings to install one injector and one brass washer that needs to be replaced when installing these injectors. The HTK127 kit also covers light and medium duty applications from 1994-2004.

Did you know?

The HEUI injector uses engine lubrication oil that is pressurized from 400 psi to 3000 psi to develop the fuel pressure necessary for the injector.

We offer a variety of parts to service 7.3L Ford & International T444E engines:

  • Feed Pumps
  • Glow Plug
  • Injection Pressure Regulators
  • Injector Installations Kits and Seals
  • Sensors