Delphi Remanufactured Series 50® and Series 60® Injectors

Remanufactured Series 50® and Series 60® Injectors

Features and Benefits

  • Surface lapping of each critical component ensures pressure sealing of sub-assemblies
  • New nozzle, solenoid, NOP spring, shim, screws, check balls in each injector guarantees OE quality, performance and durability
  • 100% O-ring replacement for proper sealing

Program Highlights

With 60 years of experience in OE manufacturing, Delphi Diesel Aftermarket has the expertise and know-how necessary to deliver a quality remanufactured product. In our reman facility, all injectors are fully disassembled. Each component is then thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All nozzles are new, matched and flowed. Units are then reassembled, tested on specialized test equipment for correct fuel, timing and pressure.

Delphi offers full support for our Remanufactured Series 50 and Series 60 Injectors:

  • 12 month, unlimited-mileage warranty
  • R&R on qualifying Delphi remanufactured injector warranty claims
  • Over 30 years of technical expertise available through our toll-free technical hotline (1.800.521.4784)
Delphi part Number Engine Size Model years  OE Part Number
EX634785 12.7L 1988-1989 R5234785
EX634795 12.7L 1988-1989 R5234795
EX634865 11.0L 1989-1990 R5234865
EX634870 11.0L 1988-1989 R5234870
EX634935 11.0L 1990-1993 R5234935
EX634940 12.7L 1990-1998 R5234940
EX634945 12.7L 1988-1990 R5234945
EX634970 12.7L 1990-1993 R5234970
EX635550 11.1L 1994-1998 R5235550
EX635575 12.7L 1994-1998 R5235575
EX635580 11.1L 1994-1998 R5235580
EX635600 12.7L 1994-1998 R5235600
EX635605 11.1L 1994-1998 R5235605
EX635695 12.7L 1994-1998 R5235695
EX635915 12.7L 1994-1998 R5235915
EX636347 8.5L 1999-2002 R5236347
EX636977 12.7L 1999-2002 R5236977
EX636978 11.1L 1998-2002 R5236978
EX636980 8.5L 1999-2002 R5236980
EX636981 8.5L 1999-2002 R5236981
EX637045 12.7L 1999-2002 R5237045
EX637099 12.7L 1999-2002 R5237099
EX637466 12.7L 1999-2002 R5237466
EX637635 14.0L 1999-2002 R5237635
EX637650 12.7L 1999-2002 R5237650
EX637820 12.7L 2002-2003 R5237820
EX637821 14.0L 2002-2003 R5237821
EX637822 12.7L 2002-2003 R5237822


The Delphi Difference
Surface lapping of each critical component
New nozzle, solenoid, NOP spring, shim, screws, check balls in each injector
100% O-ring replacement

HTK119 and HTK121 Injector Seal Kits

Delphi offers high quality seal kits for Remanufactured Series 50 and Series 60 Injectors. These seal kits are crucial for injector performance. The HTK119 kit includes three o-rings to install one injector. The HTK121 kit includes two o-rings and one sealing washer to install one injector.

Did you know?

Remanufacturing involves the complete teardown of an injector core. At Delphi, we fully disassemble all injectors thoroughly clean and inspect each component for wear and replace with new, as necessary. Injectors are then reassembed, and each is functionally tested on specialized test equipment to ensure proper performance.