Inner tie rod

Steering Tie Rod Ends and Inner Tie Rods

Underneath the cataphoresis coating for corrosion protection, our tie rod ends and inner tie rods are OE-tested to meet your vehicle's OE specs for alignment. They are fatigue-tested to avoid failure, and are supplied with the necessary accessories for a convenient repair job.

The Delphi Difference
Essential part of the Delphi steering and suspension portfolio
Supplied with the necessary accessories
Fatigue tested to avoid catastrophic failure
OE engineered

What does a tie rod end do? 

Tie rod ends are part of the outer steering system found on most passenger cars, and help move the wheels. 

Why does a tie rod end fail? 

If the tie rod end becomes loose over time due to wear, that can negatively impact the steering and handling of the vehicle, especially when cornering. 

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