Render of a car showing the gasoline powertrain system

Mastering the Variables of Variable Displacement Engines

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To cope with increasing C.A.F.E. government mandates automakers are utilizing more variable displacement engines with technology like the new Delphi "Skip Fire" system which constantly picks the right combination of cylinders to give the driver the perfect mix of power, economy and engine smoothness. This course will bring you up to date on these systems covering their mechanical and hydraulic aspects along with electronic engine controls.  We’ll go through how they work, common failures and diagnostic tips to help you master the variables of variable displacement engines.

Skill Level Intermediate to advanced
Audience All automotive aftermarket technicians
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of engine management systems
Duration 4 hours


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Course Highlights
  • GM AFM, Chrysler / Dodge MDS, and Honda VCM Operation
  • The brand new GM DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management)
  • Service Issues for Variable Displacement Engines
  • Real world in bay testing you can do