Vehicle Communications Network Diagnostics

This course will help technicians understand the digital network of "languages" within car and truck systems.
Part resource centre delphi training academy courses
Duration: 4 hours
Face to face ADAS Calibration Diagnostics & Test Equipment Vehicle Systems Training Series

Course Overview

Course number: SV22701

Individuals communicate via thousands of languages spoken across the world. And nowadays, vehicles are no different. Their digital network of “languages” within the car or truck system, controlling just about everything bumper to bumper – not to mention, “talking amongst themselves” (V2V). Technicians taking this course will get the “MOST” out of this four-hour course, along with other networking communication strategies. Scan tool and lab scope applications, case studies feature isolation tips and wiring repair round-out this all-important course for the diagnostic technician. 

  • Audience
    All automotive aftermarket technicians
  • Skill level
    Intermediate to advanced
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Part resource centre delphi training academy courses

This course includes:

  • V2V communication
  • Scan tool and lab scope applications
  • Case studies featuring isolation tips
  • Wiring repairs
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