DS diagnostic VCI tester

DS Diagnostic Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI)

Our latest generation vehicle communication interface (VCI) is a powerful, multi-brand diagnostic interface that connects directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket, and communicates via Bluetooth to the DS software installed on either your own PC or DS450E tablet. Designed with the workshop in mind, the robust device features a number of innovative functions such as in-built flight recorder capability, a battery voltage monitor and LED flash light giving you greater control of the diagnostic process.

The Delphi Difference
One VCI supports both car and heavy duty software
Integrated flight recorder with built-in memory records real time parameters while driving
Battery voltage monitor checks the vehicles battery voltage and signals if it is too high or too low
Multi-colour indicator allows you to check on the communication status at all time
In-built LED flashlight on the 16-pin connector helps you to locate the OBD socket
Multiplexer technology ensures it is compatible with all types of vehicles, regardless of voltage levels and communication standards
Bluetooth connectivity provides a seamless connection to the vehicle from anywhere in the workshop
Dual-layer PCB for fast and reliable communication.
2GB micro SD card to record all the data you need.