Assessment Overview

With modern vehicles now incorporating hybrid technology, it is vital that today's technicians can work safely around the high voltage system. This course will give you the confidence and capability to safely work on vehicles that utilise hybrid systems on both petrol and diesel. This course also covers the replacement of high voltage components safely and effciently. This qualification is designed for the technician who maintains and repairs hybrid vehicles, including the hybrid system itself.

Length 2 days.
Audience A competent technician who wishes to become qualified to safely work on both a hybrid vehicle and the hybrid system itself.
Skill Level Diagnostic or Master Technician.
Guidance This course has been designed to give the knowledge and skills for both maintaining hybrid vehicles and the hybrid system for the IMI level 2 & 3 awards. The completion of Electrics 1 & 2 (VE1 & VE2) offers an ideal gateway to this course for those without the advised prerequisites.
Assessment Content
  • Specialist personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Identification of hybrid system components.
  • Making the hybrid system safe.
  • Awareness of magnetic components.
  • Hybrid integration.
  • Use of wiring diagrams and technical data.
  • Assessing the high voltage system.