Ignition Coil

Ignition Coils

We Researched Why Other Coils Fail. Then Built Ours to Last.

Help ensure fast starts, consistent engine performance and optimized fuel efficiency with Delphi ignition coils. Delphi makes more than 10 million ignition coils for North America each year, and each one is engineered to OE design specifications for vehicles from Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, GM, Mazda, Subaru, Acura and more.

Delphi has analyzed the tough environment that they must withstand and discovered how vibration, temperature changes and even the failure of other components, such as spark plugs, can cause them to fail.

Specifically, these stresses can cause the wiring to break or have shorts. The insulation inside the them could also fail and cause energy to escape. Delphi is combating these issues with innovative design and high-quality materials.

Designed with the Delphi Technologies Difference.

Delphi coils are designed—and endurance tested—to resist the common stresses that cause failure.

We’ve used our 100 years of OE ignition system experience to create a world-leading magnetic design and modeling capabilities.

The result is an efficient coil design that ensures the power in the coil has a streamlined path to the spark plug. This design also reduces the occurrence of shorts inside the coil.

    The Delphi Difference
    OE-engineered for efficiency and a streamlined path to spark plug
    Specially designed to reduce shorts inside the ignition coil
    Smart manufacturing controls wire lengths, keeps voltage the same
    High quality wire coating resists imperfections that lead to failure
    Delphi pencil coils use new OE technology to deliver total control

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    Another Plus: Our Precision Manufacturing Processes.

    We back up our innovative ignition coil design with intelligent manufacturing. Delphi uses winding process techniques to control the length of wire between adjacent windings. That’s important because more length results in greater voltage differences, which in turn create more pressure that could break down the insulation and wire coating.

    More Welds. More Consistency.

    Delphi ignition coils feature 6 weld positions, which is typically more than other brands. We also use an electrostatic paint coating, which results in consistent coil inductance and prevents lamination separation.

    Greater Insulating Power

    We also use an epoxy vacuum technique to reduce air bubbles in the epoxy, since having fewer air bubbles increases the epoxy’s insulation quality and reduces the chances of energy punchthrough failures.

    Made with High Quality Materials

    Delphi backs its proven design with proven materials: High quality wires, as well as high quality wire coating that resists the cracks, pin holes and imperfections that most often lead to failure issues.

    Delphi Pencil Coils

    Not Just for Indy and Formula One Engines.

    Also known as “coil on plug,” Delphi pencil coils replace traditional multiple packs with one single coil design. Pencil coils were developed so the spark and spark timing could be better controlled on an individual cylinder basis. Delphi pencil coils are designed with the newest OE technology. Our pencil coils deliver total control with no moving parts and high-RPM capability for performance and reliability customers can trust.

    Precision and Control.

    Delphi pencil coils feature:

    • A smaller, more compact design that results in fewer materials and tighter coupling to the electromagnetic circuit. It’s a design that delivers energy more efficiently and continuously to enhance engine performance and optimize fuel efficiency.
    • A corona-resistant case, so the coil and integral igniter module are fully encapsulated into one package.
    • More precise spark timing response for increased engine performance.
    • Direct placement on the spark plug that gives the spark a shorter distance to reach the spark plug. Also, the coil placement provides a perfect fit in the plug hole for effective sealing.