Kneel man next to a car tire with a clipboard

Safe, Green and Connected: Emerging Vehicle Technologies

Course number: SV10934-11B1

Don’t let emerging vehicle technologies catch you by surprise!  Vehicle systems technology is accelerating at an incredible rate and creating great opportunities for the aftermarket. In fact, 90% of future innovation in the vehicle will be driven by electronics. Aftermarket shops and technicians across the country need to embrace the vehicle electronics revolution and take advantage of the business opportunities it brings.

This course is designed to provide insight as to the kind of systems you’ll be seeing and what you need to do to be prepared to diagnose and service them. We’ll work to determine your personal or business roadmap to get your shop prepared for what’s coming down the road.

Skill Level Entry level to advanced
Audience All automotive aftermarket service providers
Prerequisites None
Duration 4 hours


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Course Highlights
  • Safe systems include radar and smart camera systems that comprise ADAS (Automated Driver Assistance Systems), and vehicle stability.
  • Green relates to emission controls, and advanced engine systems like gasoline direct injection engines, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell technology, and direct diesel injection systems.
  • The connected category will include discussion on in-vehicle communication, controller area networks (CAN), media systems and telematics.