Delphi Coated Brake Discs

Spring showers, humid summers, and cold, wet and icy winters – they can all take their toll on your vehicle. Factors such as rain, snow, salt and other road sprays can result in corrosion. That means, exposed parts, such as brake discs can quickly become rusty - not a good look when you want to show off your shiny alloy wheels. One way to help prevent this is by fitting Delphi coated discs. 
Brake Pads: Stop Quicker, Quieter and Last Longer

Long-Lasting Protection and Easier to Fit

What’s the difference?

Our coated discs are manufactured to the same exacting, high-quality standards as the rest of our brake disc range. However, there’s one important difference. Yes you guessed it - the coating! We spray our discs in environmentally friendly, water and zinc-flake based silver Geomet coating. Unlike other brands, we also coat the entire surface of the disc, including the top hat, outer rim, internal veins and friction surface. But why is this important? Easy! With Delphi coated discs, you get long-lasting protection, fast-fitted to OE standards, and they even look good too…

Superior corrosion protection.

By applying the coating over the entire disc, including the interior, Delphi discs offer optimum corrosion protection, compared with oil-dipped or partially painted counterparts. Painted is just that – a layer of paint that looks good short term, but is essentially just a disguise – they will still wear and corrode quickly. How do we know that? Because we subjected our discs to extensive salt spray testing.  Delphi’s coating stayed in place longer, with salt spray resistance of up to 240 hours, versus less than 100 hours for many partially painted discs.

Quicker and easier to fit.

Delphi coated brake discs also offer significant advantages for the installer. Because there is no oil to clean off, technicians can just unpack and install straight from the box. The strong Geomet coating on the hub mounting surface, also makes brake disc replacement easier, because there will be less corrosion, and therefore less adhesion between the hub and disc. This may not sound significant, but since the key to a profitable brake service is fast, right-first-time fitment, even something as simple as no oil can save valuable time and money.

Easy on the eye too!

Last but no means least, our coated discs have been designed for drivers who have a keen eye for aesthetics, as well as product performance.  The zinc-flake based silver Geomet coating will ensure you have a set of bright, shiny discs that stay looking that way for longer. A must with today’s alloy wheel designs.

Many of Delphi’s coated discs also include added features, such as high carbon content, cross-drilled holes and fixing screws, just like the OE. To learn more about our full disc offering, click here. 

The Delphi Difference

  • 100 years of OE experience, supplier to the world’s top automakers
  • OE heritage and knowledge built into every aftermarket part
  • Comprehensive portfolio for a wide range of vehicles and model years
  • Streamlined SKUs for easy inventory management
  • Support through tools, tips and training

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