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How do you approach a customer on an electrical diagnostic that is costly to repair and may or may not be under warranty?

Transparency and clear communication is critical before conducting potentially costly service or repairs. Make sure to explain and detail every step of the process to help ensure your customer understands what service or repairs you will be performing. After all, the overall vehicle architecture and its electrical system is the heart and the blood of the car. Proper service and maintenance is critical to the customer’s vehicle long-term health.

What are the best ways to utilize smart phones to improve the customer experience?

Cell phones are one way of communicating with your customers. The customer should drive which type of contact is preferred. Make sure you enter that into your shop management software for consistent communications every time.

Today’s technology provides so many options to demonstrate the value of needed service and repairs. By sending pictures or video to your customers you are documenting the required fixes. This also goes a long way in building that necessary partnership.


What are the differences in fuel level sensor function between model years for some 2006 and 2007 General Motors passenger cars?

The 2006 version of some models has a float level sensor in which the fuel level increases when resistance increases. In 2007, General Motors changed the architecture of the cluster on some vehicles, making the gauge now work ‘backwards.’ Thus, if a fuel level sensor for a 2006 application is installed on a 2007 application, the gauge will read opposite – when the tank is full the gauge shows empty, and when the tank is empty the gauge shows full. The key to prevent this is to check your application. Make sure you are using the correct part for the correct year application.


How do I know if my injector has been repaired with genuine OE parts or by a Delphi Authorised Repairer?

We have created this special application that allows you to check if a CRi is certified as having Delphi DNA / GENUINE parts – repaired via our Authorised Network, all by entering the C2i/C3i Code.