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What are the best ways to utilize smart phones to improve the customer experience?

Most important, make sure you ask the customer what form of contact they prefer. Some people are uncomfortable talking on the phone while others are uncomfortable with text and email.
If your customer is all right with text and email, utilize your smart phone by sending customers a picture or video of problems prevented or problems in the vehicle that you can fix.

By showing customers a problem, they are more likely to understand and react to it. A picture is worth a thousand words.


What should I do if a customer comes into my shop and has multiple issues with their vehicle but does not want to or cannot afford to fix them all at one time?

Help customers set priorities by giving them a priority list – a hierarchy of what needs to be done first. For example, a priority list could look like this:

A.    Customer Requested Items and Safety
B.    Needed Repairs Discovered During Inspection
C.    Needed Preventative Maintenance

Listen to the customer’s priorities and make sure to set those as your priorities as well. If there is a safety issue, put it on the A-list and try to convince the customer to have that issue dealt with first. A good way to do this is to state that this is something you would do for your family member. Depending on their age, refer to a different type of family member (older customer – mother or father; your age – brother or sister; younger customer – son or daughter). Let the customer make the decision, but help them along into the right decision.


What are some tips on communicating the value of my shop, service and equipment to the customer?


A person does not need to be an expert on a topic to explain a topic. For example, a person does not need to be a rocket scientist to explain rocket science. What is needed is a good person who can communicate information from the expert to the customer. Knowing your shop’s equipment, what it does and why it is better is essential in conveying competency, as well as the value of the service provided.

Why is the ground tab missing off the top of the Chrysler fuel pump FG0232?

These new fuel pumps do not require a ground tab because the pump is now grounded internally. Previously, fuel pumps had a static tab to ground metal so static would not be a problem for metal filter housing. Now, the vehicle has static wire, but instead of the pump having a tab, it is grounded internally. Just tape up and tape back the separate ground wire on the vehicle. It does not need to be connected with new style pump.

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