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How do you approach a customer on an electrical diagnostic that is costly to repair and may or may not be under warranty?

Transparency and clear communication is critical before conducting potentially costly service or repairs. Make sure to explain and detail every step of the process to help ensure your customer understands what service or repairs you will be performing. After all, the overall vehicle architecture and its electrical system is the heart and the blood of the car. Proper service and maintenance is critical to the customer’s vehicle long-term health.

I bought a FG0946 fuel pump. The package with the O ring contains black and white clips. What are they for?


The black and white clips in the package are for the fuel line connections, if needed. Hairpin clips secure nylon fuel lines to various fuel system components, such as the fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel injector rail.  It is an accepted practice that clips are a “single-use” item – once they are removed they are not reinstalled, and a new one is used the next time.  Reinstallation of a used clip may not allow the fuel line to be properly secured to the fuel system component which may lead to a gasoline leak.

How does C2i/C3i coding affect the repair of injectors?

When an injector is repaired, its characteristics will be significantly changed. It is therefore essential that a new C2i or C3i code is allocated to the injector to reflect the performance of the repaired injector. As the generation of the code is a complex procedure, specialist test equipment and software is required to generate these codes in the aftermarket. Only members of the authorized Delphi Common Rail repair network possess the equipment required to accurately generate C2i and C3i codes. Therefore Delphi Common Rail injector repairs should only be carried out at authorized outlets and repaired injectors should only be purchased through authorized distributors. To find your nearest authorized workshop go to our service network

How should an ECU be re-programmed?

To replace a Delphi Common Rail injector, the technician must use a diagnostic tool that is capable of writing the C2i or C3i code to the ECU. Delphi’s DS100E or DS150E with Diesel Max software is the only OE recognised tool targeted at independent garages and workshops that can provide this capability. In addition to this unique diesel capability, the simple, compact tool offers full diagnostics across other key vehicle electronic systems. With this, the technician will be able to read and erase fault codes, as well as read real time data. The DS tool with Diesel Max software is also available as part of the Delphi Service Centre – Diesel module.