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How do you approach a customer on an electrical diagnostic that is costly to repair and may or may not be under warranty?

Transparency and clear communication is critical before conducting potentially costly service or repairs. Make sure to explain and detail every step of the process to help ensure your customer understands what service or repairs you will be performing. After all, the overall vehicle architecture and its electrical system is the heart and the blood of the car. Proper service and maintenance is critical to the customer’s vehicle long-term health.

What do you do when a customer shows you that he or she can find the part much cheaper online?

As most purchases online today, consumers everywhere (including you!) will look for the best price. Your role is to demonstrate your shop’s value – customer service applications that provide maintenance reminders, promotions that are running, top of the line shop equipment that provides for a more efficient repair, and the ultimate objective - getting that customer back on the road as soon as possible with the required repairs. 

How do you convey to a customer that basic OBD-II generic code readers do not explain everything?

The easiest way to do this is by comparing OBD-II to a ZIP code. A ZIP or postal code provides the general area of where that person lives. But there are better tools that help exactly pinpoint where that person lives… like GPS coordinates.
An OBD-II generic code reader essentially operates similar to a ZIP code. It can do free diagnostics tests, but will not provide the exact location of GPS coordinates. With a factory-level OBD-II enhanced scan tool is your GPS for vehicles, zeroing in on the specific area where the problem occurs. An enhanced OBD-II makes finding the root cause of the vehicle issue more efficient.  


How can you start off on the right foot with a customer? What is the best way to explain information to them?

Transparency and open communications will be critical in building your customer relationships and, subsequently, repeat business. Exceptional customer service that is repeatable and tailored to their preferences will help to build that relationship. Remember, customers are coming to you for a solution to their automotive service and repair needs, and you are the most experienced person to deliver it.

Providing a tour of the facility or showing what you are estimating on your computer screen will also help to reinforce the transparency of your shop operations.