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What are the main benefits of injectors repaired by an authorized Delphi Diesel Center?

Injectors repaired by an authorized Delphi Diesel Centre network have: 
-    A newly-generated calibration code for accurate communication with the ECU and injection control
-    A Diamond Like Carbon coated Delphi control valve
-    Delphi’s precision engineered nozzle for optimal spray atomization, less emissions and enhanced engine performance. 

Find-out if your injector was repaired by an authorized Delphi Diesel Centre at

What is important while replacing/repairing injector?

Common Rail injectors require very small manufacturing tolerances of just a few microns. Additionally, each injector is unique, exclusive as a thumbprint, so when it comes time for their replacement, it’s important the service conducted by someone authorized and trained to handle these precise components, using genuine parts, authorized equipment and following the OE authorized process.


How do I know if my injector has been repaired with genuine OE parts or by a Delphi Authorised Repairer?

We have created this special application that allows you to check if a CRi is certified as having Delphi DNA / GENUINE parts – repaired via our Authorised Network, all by entering the C2i/C3i Code. 

How does C2i/C3i coding affect the repair of injectors?

When an injector is repaired, its characteristics will be significantly changed. It is therefore essential that a new C2i or C3i code is allocated to the injector to reflect the performance of the repaired injector. As the generation of the code is a complex procedure, specialist test equipment and software is required to generate these codes in the aftermarket. Only members of the authorized Delphi Common Rail repair network possess the equipment required to accurately generate C2i and C3i codes. Therefore Delphi Common Rail injector repairs should only be carried out at authorized outlets and repaired injectors should only be purchased through authorized distributors. To find your nearest authorized workshop go to our service network