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    It’s amazing what the introduction of Common Rail systems has done for diesel. And as the efficiency of all types of diesel vehicles continues to increase, so does the sophistication of common rail diagnosis and repairs. 

    Becoming a Delphi Diesel Centre tells your garage customers that you can use the latest knowledge and tools to perform an “Authorized Repair” on Delphi injectors and pumps.  This means that you have the equipment and training required to generate a new code for an injector after it is repaired — the only way to properly repair an injector.
    What makes a Delphi Diesel Centre different from other garages?

    Delphi Diesel Centres are properly equipped to accurately diagnose, test, repair and recode Delphi advanced common rail injectors and pumps. Delphi Diesel Centres use:

    • Authorised Hartridge test benches
    • Delphi DIAMAND diagnostic tools
    • Delphi specialist tools
    • Specialist training

    We also understand that the fine tolerances in today’s advanced Common Rail systems require a repair environment that is free from contamination. That’s why Delphi Diesel Centres use:

    • Positive pressure rooms
    • Clean rooms and clean cabinets
    • Ultra-rinse tanks

    As a Delphi Diesel Centre you will have access to the Delphi exclusive, 2-year warranty on common rail repairs*.
    Get the edge that comes with being a Delphi Diesel Centre — to find out more contact us.

    * Valid if a Delphi Service Centre diagnosed, removed, and refitted the component, and a Delphi Diesel Centre repaired the component. Contact your Delphi representative to verify availability in your area.

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