A shift to a new look
A shift to a new look
Delphi Technologies Brake Discs
Delphi Technologies Brake Discs. Our Own Discography.
About Delphi Technologies

When it comes to the aftermarket, nobody does it better than Delphi Technologies. While many OEM suppliers put the aftermarket last, we routinely put it first, understanding customer lifetime value is often best delivered through the parts & service experience.

Our lineup includes parts, equipment, software, and training – all geared to put you a step ahead in servicing and maintaining sophisticated vehicle systems. We’ve got you covered with fuel systems, air conditioning, engine management, steering & suspension, advanced diagnostic equipment, e-catalogs and more.

Local News

November 5, 2018
Delphi Technologies wins “2018 Best Service Award” in China
September 12, 2018
Delphi Technologies introduces a new diagnostics tool which will help more garages benefit from fast and accurate diagnostics
September 11, 2018
Delphi Technologies helps garages boost efficiency with the launch of a full-service solution for a faster steering service

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Delphi Capability

Advanced Diesel Diagnostics
Common Rail Injector
Electronic Unit Injector
Common Rail Pump
Electronic Unit Pump / Smart Injector
Mechanical Fuel Pump & injector

Vehicle Servicing & Repair

Air Conditioning
Engine Management
Braking, Steering & Suspension