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Diesel Fuel Injection - Car and Light Commercial Vehicle

Despite the growth of electric vehicles, diesel will still command a significant share of the European passenger car and light-duty market for many years. Our portfolio of innovative OE Common Rail and engine management systems is helping the world’s vehicle manufacturers deliver cleaner, more efficient and more reliable cars. And we’re doing the same in the aftermarket too, with a full line-up of new, remanufactured and repaired OE components, diagnostic tools, test equipment and training.

The Delphi Difference
More than 80 years OE diesel expertise
Latest generation OE Common Rail technology for reduced emissions and fuel consumption
New, reman and repair solutions providing the right choice for every vehicle owner
Global network of specialist workshops offering professional, competitive repair
Range of specialist diagnostic and test equipment for quick and accurate servicing
Extensive training from the OE experts providing highly valuable skills

OE heritage

Born from pioneering companies such as CAV and Lucas, our diesel legacy is steeped in more than 80 years of OE innovation, technological advances and groundbreaking firsts from the iconic DPA pump in the 1950s, to the compact, fully-integrated electronic unit injector in 2001, and the first direct acting diesel fuel injection system in 2008. Just a few of many.

Next generation OE technology

Today, our OE diesel fuel injection and engine management systems can be found on millions of cars around the world – this includes our popular Multec® light-duty common rail that provides performance equivalent to servo piezo technology.

OE technology for the aftermarket


When it comes to servicing, we offer a range of key system components including OE pumps, injectors, rails and high-pressure pipes, as well as complementary products such as filters and glow plugs. All brand new, and all just like the OE. 

Greener reman

FIS Green Spray

For a more environmentally and budget friendly option, we offer remanufactured injectors too. Just like new, they’re built using the same OE components, processes and calibration -  with up-to 1,000 test plan points. The only difference? We reuse the core injector, where viable, to help reduce material and costs.

Learn more about our service offering for DFI1.20 Common Rail injectors.


OE quality repair

FIS 450 Test

We also offer a range of components for the repair of Common Rail pumps and injectors. Exclusively for our authorized Delphi Diesel Centre network, only out-of-spec components are replaced. Importantly, they’re still calibrated to OE specification, with up to 450 test points and a new calibration code for an OE quality, cost-effective repair. Find your nearest diesel specialist.

Delphi Technologies DNA inside?


Want to know if your Common Rail injector has been repaired to OE standards, using only OE parts, with OE approved test plans and equipment? Easy, if you haven't bought it from an authorised Delphi Technologies Diesel Centre, just visit http://dna.my-delphi.com/.

The best things come in threes

By providing new, remanufactured and authorised repair, we provide the right solution for every vehicle owner. All three choices offer guaranteed quality but at different price points so you can decide what’s best for you, your vehicle and your budget. Learn more about our three choices for injector servicing.

The full solution

Our OE expertise means that we know exactly what is required when servicing these vehicles. In addition to parts, we offer an industry leading range of electronic diagnostic tools  and specialist, on-vehicle diesel diagnostic tools, as well as OE-approved test equipment. Together they ensure quick, accurate and cost-effective diagnostics, test and repair, helping to minimise vehicle down time and reduce servicing costs.

Expert training

With Common Rail systems operating at extremely fine tolerances, even minute variations can have very big consequences. Knowing how to repair them to the same exacting standards as new is therefore critical. Our half theory, half practical diesel training gives you these skills and more, and covers everything from basic diagnostics to the repair of the very latest technologies. Learn more about our training.