Frequently Asked Questions: General

Vehicle Technician

I bought a product from an online retailer; what is the warranty process? 

When purchasing our products that are sold by an online retailer, warranty support on those parts goes through the retailer or point of sale. You should contact them directly and provide your purchase information.

Where do I apply for a job? 

You can apply here for a position at Delphi Technologies.

Where do I find the parts catalog?

The menu bar and home page contain links to the Delphi Technologies United Kingdom catalogue. You can also access the Delphi Technologies catalog by visiting https://www.delphiautoparts.com/gbr/en/global-dpss-catalogues.

Where do I go to buy a product?

Please contact your Delphi Technologies sales representative for the most up-to-date information on where to buy Delphi Technologies products.

Do you have video tutorials and technical information available?

We are pleased to provide you with our Delphi Technologies Training Series, a collection of how-to and technical videos on our product lines which you can find here

How do I become a Delphi Technologies diesel/service centre?

If you are in the United States or Canada and want to be authorized to repair Delphi Technologies Diesel Fuel Injectors, please contact the Diesel Hot Line at 1-800-521-4784 Option 2. If you are in another country you should refer to the main Delphi Technologies Distributor covering that country. If the Distributor is not known, please contact [email protected].