Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit

Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit

Because Common Rail systems operate at extremely high pressures, any loss in pressure will have a knock-on effect on the vehicle – causing a progressive reduction in power and even a complete engine shut down. It is therefore imperative that any such issues are identified and resolved as early as possible. We have just the answer. Our Sealed Rail diagnostic kit, part number YDT850, provides simple, low-cost on-vehicle capability for all makes of Common Rail pumps and injectors. Consisting of a sealed rail pressure tester and injector back leakage measurement equipment, users can check the pressure being generated by a Common Rail pump and identify individual injectors that fail, meaning only faulty components will need to be replaced.

The Delphi Difference
Provides simple, low-cost diagnostic capability for all makes of Common Rail pumps and injectors
Measures pressure generated by the Common Rail pump and injector backleakage so only faulty components need to be replaced
On-vehicle testing prevents the need for complete system removal and refit
Compatible with systems from Delphi Technologies, Bosch, Siemens and Denso
Additional backleak and connector kits available
Provides additional pump capability when used in conjunction with the False Actuator kit
Training and technical support available.